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5 simple ways to take that well needed break

Yoga by the beach in Vanuatu

The last couple of years have been “uncertain” to say the least. We’ve lived through some pretty out of this world situations and as we try to get back into something that resembles a “normal” life, we know it’s been hard to keep your hopes up and that positive energy flowing.

So as you navigate this new landscape here are some ideas on how you can take a break from the hum drum of everyday life and have some well deserved time to unwind.

Try a new skill

Learning something new is always refreshing and a great distraction from your everyday routine. Your mind and body will also thank you for taking on new healthy challenges and motivations.

There are so many amazing skills to learn, but if you ask us learning to surf should be on everyones list of must do's! We could go on forever about the benefits of surfing, why it is the best workout you'll ever have and the amazing healing powers of the ocean, but it will be better if you join us and find out for yourself. We have Learn to Surf clinics for women all across Australia, find the one closest to you and give surfing a go.

Get outdoors

This is now more important than ever. After spending so long at home in lock downs, working from home and not being able to travel, some outdoor time is definitely needed and an easy way to take a break. A walk in the park, going for a run or enjoying a swim in the ocean can make a big difference in your busy life and bring back some positive vibes into your routine.

Take a holiday

Who doesn’t need one? As you'll probably agree, holidays are the best way to take some time out, change your mindset and realign with yourself. Sometimes a quick weekend getaway will do, other times we need a full week of recovery, re-connection and relaxation before going back to our busy lives.

What does your perfect holiday look like? If tropical pristine beaches, delicious food and an amazing group of like-minded women sounds like your type of escape, then you should join us on a Surf Getaways experience which will probably change your life!

Meet new people

We love to spend time with our loved ones. Yes, family and long-life friends are a treasure and a blessing, but meeting new, like-minded individuals can bring so much into your life.

Connecting with women of different backgrounds, nationalities, and life stages with the same positive mindset, good vibes and love for life always leaves you feeling fulfilled, refreshed and empowered.

We know this very well as this is what happens EVERY TIME on our Surf Experiences. New friendships are formed on that special bond built through traveling, encouraging and sharing a new experiences together.

Pick up a healthy habit

Whether it is eating healthier, exercising more, or limiting your screen time, incorporating small healthy habits in your everyday routine can have a positive impact in many different areas of your live.

When adding a new habit, it’s always better to set yourself small realistic goals and work towards them one by one, rather than setting unrealistic expectations that will only discourage you. A great way to stay positive and motivated to reach your goals is to share the journey with other like-minded people so you can encourage and support each other along the way.

The women who attend our monthly Surf Clinics know this well, as we run goal setting sessions for individuals and the group to ensure everyone helps each other to achieve their goals. Sharing your achievements always makes them feel that much sweeter.

We hope these tips have been useful and you start planning that much needed break, in whichever way it is reachable to you.

If you’d like to share the experience with a like-minded and awesome community, then come and join Surf Getaways. Find a local activity close to you such as Surf Clinic, Surf Skating or Surf Fit program.

Or go all in and come to one of our Surf Experiences. You can choose from 3 night escapes up to 7 night and 10 night getaways that will leave you feeling like you’ve been away for a whole month – the ultimate in self-care, taking a break from reality and simply getting to unwind and chill out for a bit.


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