We've developed some incredible yacht tours that are once in a lifetime experiences.

Yacht experiences for women


Offering experiences all year round, there's no longer any excuses not to join us! Find the destination that suits you and book today.


By limiting our experiences to 8-10 women we ensure you improve your skills, whilst experiencing local surf breaks and culture.


Meet like-minded women on a once in a lifetime experience, whilst challenging yourself to learn something new.


We hand pick all the locations, restaurants, yachts and experiences to ensure you have the best time on our tours.

Private yacht getaways for women

Make your next holiday something truly memorable with our yacht experiences across the world. Incorporating famous surfing beaches, remote ‘bucket list’ and world heritage locations and toping it all off with luxury accomodation and female guides.

Mid and north atolls



  • Join us for a once in a life time experience for surfers, those that might only be starting out or for non-surfers who are looking for a fun tropical escape.

  • Delivering the best mix of ocean adventure, fun and sunshine with all of it enjoyed in complete luxury on our 105ft private yacht.

Southern atoll



  • This epic ocean adventure includes a private plane ride from Male to our luxury private yacht from where you will start an exclusive 10 day surfing holiday in paradise.

  • Taking in more than half a dozen surf breaks in one of the most famous archipelagoes on earth, this is that surfing holiday you just have to take at least once in your life!


Frequently asked questions

What is an Occupation Order?

An Occupation order is an order made under the Family Law Act 1996. Often it will be to restrict one parties access to or right to occupy the family home. Alternatively an application can be made for an occupation order, where you have been restricted from entering the property (for example if your ex-partner has changed the locks and will not allow you to re-enter the property). It is by its very nature, a draconian order, and not one the court will make lightly.

Who can apply for an Occupation Order?

In order to apply for an Occupation Order you need to be an “associated person”. An associated person is one of the following;

  • You are or have been married to each other.
  • You are or have been in a civil partnership with each other.
  • You are or have been cohabitants (this includes same-sex couples).
  • You live or have lived in the same household.
  • You are relatives.
  • You have formally agreed to marry each other (even if that is no longer the case).
  • You have a child together (either parents of the same child, or have parental responsibility for the same child).
  • You are not living together but have or have had an 'intimate relationship of significant duration'.
  • You are both involved in the same family proceedings (for example divorce or child contact arrangements)
Additionally, in order to apply for an Occupation Order, you need to demonstrate either an interest in the property, or if you do not own the property, that you are either married/civil partners/cohabiting with the person who owns or rents it. You will have to had been residing (or did reside) there. If you meet these criteria, you should be able to apply for an occupation order. It is a common misconception that if you do not own the property you have no rights. This is wrong. You do not need to own the property in question to have the right to occupy it. If you are unsure, you should seek specialist family law advice.

How long does an Occupation Order last?

This will depend on the circumstances of the case. Usually they are for 6 months, but they could be shorter or longer if the court considers it necessary.

How does the Court decide whether to grant an Occupation Order?

The courts will consider factors such as the housing needs of those involved (and any children involved) together with the parties financial resources generally. For example, if there is a second property that could be resided in, the court might consider it appropriate for one of the parties to reside there. The court will also consider the conduct of the parties leading up to the application. For example, if there has been a long history of abuse or difficulties in the marriage, the court might take this into consideration. The court will also look at the impact upon the health (both mental and physical) of those involved. If it is clear that one of the parties would severely struggle if an order was not made, this might impact the courts decision. In addition, the court will look at the impact of making or not making an order on any children of the family.

Does there need to be domestic violence involved to obtain an Occupation Order?

No. In the case of Re L (Children) (Occupation order: absence of domestic violence) [2012] EWCA Civ 721 the Court of Appeal held that there is nothing in the law, more specifically s 33(6) of the Family Law Act 1996, that limits the discretion of the court to make an occupation order to cases in which there had been physical violence. In this case, the dispute and tensions at home was severely impacting the children and so the court made an order the father vacate the family home.

What will an Occupation Order include?

It will set out who is to live in the family home, and any other arrangements for living in the house. It can also include restrictions regarding how close to the property the respondent can come. If necessary, occupation orders can also specify who is going to pay the mortgage and bills. It will often be accompanied by a non-molestation order.

Do I need to apply for an Occupation Order?

Not everyone who is going through a divorce will need to apply for an Occupation Order. This type of order is there to help protect people and is more often than not used when domestic violence has either been threatened or has happened. It is important to note that Occupation Orders do not change who legally owns the property.

How quickly can I get an Occupation Order?

In an emergency, it may be possible to apply to the court and obtain an order in as little as 24 hours. If you wish to apply for an Occupation Order, then please get in touch urgently.


What a fabulous way to spend a week of your life. I did the 7 night tour and was totally invigorated, revitalised & rejuvenated. At the end I was so healthy, happy & beaming with vitality. I will come back for more. Highly recommend!

Luci - Byron Bay 7 night