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Workouts tips for beginner surfers (part 1)

Women working out outdoors

More and more non-surfers are joining our Surf Getaways Tours to learn to surf, and we get asked frequently if there are any prerequisites to join. The only thing you need for your first surfing experience is to be able to swim, the rest we will help you master. But of course it will not hurt to get into a healthy routine before the trip and give your body some love to be ready for the waves, the paddling and the fun. So we have put together this 2 part blog to encourage all women get fit and stay in shape. Good news! The great thing about surf workouts is that yoga mats are all you'll need.

The best way to prepare for your surf adventure is to join our Surf Fit or Surf Clinics. These programs will get you in shape and ready for the trip giving you that first feel of the whole amazing Surf Getaways experience. If that’s not available for you,, don’t worry, below we have outlined 6 of the best beginner surf workouts to improve your surf fitness and get you ready to hit the waves confidently.

1. Daily walks

There are some excellent exercises you can do at home that are similar to surfing, including working your upper body muscles, improving your range of motion, and ultimately fine-tuning your surf movements. Something as simple as going on daily outdoor walks can help do that. As you walk, your body produces more collagen, which keeps your skin smooth and elastic. The venous system in your lower half circulates blood, pushing it back up to your heart and lungs.

2. Outdoor activities

No matter where you do them, outdoor activities such as running, cycling, paddle sports (rafting, kayaking, canoeing), golf, camping and nature-watching are beneficial to your health. In addition to lowering blood pressure, improving eyesight and fighting obesity, time spent in parks and other green spaces also helps improve one's mental health and reduce stress.

3. Yoga movements

One way to increase your strength, flexibility, and mobility is to practice yoga, as many yoga positions can enhance muscle memory and improve your balance while surfing. Some great yoga movements are to lunge while lifting your arms or to low plank into the Cobra Pose, where you lift your body with your arms and stretch your legs back. Yoga promotes relaxation and stress relief; perfect for your surf tour.

4. Shoulder mobility exercises

Shoulder mobility is very important for surfers, as paddling out to the waves requires a lot of upper strength and shoulder flexibility. It’s crucial to stretch your shoulders to prevent painful pulled muscles. Using a long object, such as a stick, guide it slowly behind your back, to the left and the right, while keeping your arms straight during all movements.

5. Swimming front crawl

Swimming freestyle regularly is a powerhouse workout for surfing moves such as paddling. Try to practice in as many varied water conditions as possible to develop your body all around. Despite this, a swimming pool is the most accessible. Sign up for a gym membership or find one where you can pay per session. Your pool, a friend's pool, or perhaps even a hotel pool are also good choices.

6. Rowing machine

If you’re a gym person, then the rowing machine is probably your best friend in the room to get ready for your surf holiday. Rowing is the closest thing to paddling, great for building up the needed muscles. Remember, the goal is to use cardio equipment that utilizes both the upper and lower body. The rowing machine (Ergometer) mimics the movement of a row boat and is great for surfers because it trains your back, arms, legs, low back, and core, while also providing an excellent cardio workout. A rowing machine uses most of the same muscles as paddling, except for the biceps.

Whichever workouts / activities you choose to keep your body and mind healthy, make sure you incorporate them into your routine - before, during and after your getaway. Healthy habits are something to keep. And for those lazy days remember,

the hard training will pay off in the end!

Next step: intermediate exercises!

In Part 1 of getting ready for your surf tour, we’ve shown that getting fit doesn’t need to be a daunting task. In Part 2, we will take a look at workout tips for intermediate surfers.

Get into a healthy routine with us! Book your dream Surf Getaways experience and get ready with our Surf Clinics.


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