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Planning your next getaway

Ladies at the beach for sunset

If you’re reading this blog it means that beaches, sunshine, tropical landscapes and like minded humans are your kind of holiday and so do we! But the world is full of incredible tropical destinations that meet this description, so…how do you choose your one holiday location over the next? Here are a few things to consider when deciding where to go next.

What is your reason for travelling

A great place to start is knowing your reason for travelling. Are you travelling to relax and reset from your hectic everyday life, or are you looking for a full on action packed adventure? Do you want to spend your days lounging by the pool with a good book and a cocktail? Or do you want your days to be chock-a-block with different activities, sightseeing and culinary adventures, or maybe even a mix of both. Deciding what the main focus of your holiday is will help you to narrow down and select destinations that are more suited to the type of holiday you’re after.

Who are you travelling with

Who you are travelling with (if anyone) will make a difference too. Solo travelling can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. When you travel on your own you’ll enjoy more freedom, flexibility and autonomy. But travelling solo can also be frustrating, confusing and scary at times. If you’re not quite sure of that solo thing, then an organised group trip might be the perfect in between. You don’t need friends or family to come along as you’ll meet other like minded people that will most likely become you new friends, you’ll have the security of a a group and a knowledgeable guide, and at the same time feel the freedom of taking a trip on your own. Check our Surf Getaways escapes for women if travelling with like minded awesome women is what you’re after!

Do you want to plan it all yourself

If you’re a planner, you might enjoy spending hours researching flights, accommodation, restaurants, activities and putting it all together in a nice spreadsheet or itinerary. Apart from being time consuming, organising a holiday can be really stressful and overwhelming. You only have a limited amount of time off and the last thing you want to be doing it spending that time planning, researching and booking. Fortunately there is a solution to all that, you can save time by joining an organised tour for some or all of the time you’re away. Going on a tour is a hassle free way to book your trip, as almost everything is taken care of including accommodation, meals, activities and your guides can also provide you with recommendations of things to do when you have down time. With a group tour, you only have to show up, relax and make the most of your long awaited trip!

Know your budget

Last but not least, setting a budget will help you to know which options are within your price range. It’s also important to remember that distance doesn’t always equal cost. Some locations that are further away and thus have more expensive transport costs, could be balanced out by cheaper costs of living whilst you’re there. For example, if you’re based in Brisbane, Australia you might be only a short affordable drive away from the Gold Coast for a nice beach holiday, but the cost of accommodation, meals and activities can be pricey whilst you’re there. On the other hand, if you’re looking to travel to Bali you’ll have to purchase a plane ticket to get there, but once you’re there life is notably more inexpensive than in Australia.

How long do you have off

This one follows the last one, as time and money are two of the biggest factors when it comes to deciding where to go. Make sure you know how many days or weeks you’re planning to have off when you’re starting to investigate potential destinations, as whilst a 45 day trip around South America sounds amazing, a 3 night or 7 night trip might be more realistic. So decide how long you want to take off work, or how long you your trip to be and then you’ll know how far away you can go with both your time and your budget.

We hope these tips will make your holiday planning a bit easier and that you select the perfect destination for your trip. But if you think you’d rather go with a group of awesome women and save yourself all the hassle, then join one of our Surf Experiences to bucket list destinations all around the world.


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