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Byron Bay: A Getaway for Surfing and More

Located on the far-north coast of NSW, Australia, Byron Bay is an eclectic mix of surfers, hippies, fashionable people, and celebrities. It’s home to Australia's most easterly point where the iconic Cape Byron lighthouse sits.

byron bay lighthouse

This part of the world is known for its spectacular beaches, unique shopping and dining experiences, world-class festivals, and vibrant community spirit. Our home town has become locally and internationally famous for its surf and its beautiful beaches, which have been popular since the 1960s. The relaxed surf vibe is still at the centre of this funky town.

Surf Getaways' Byron Bay tour is one of our most famous tours. When you combine the town’s pristine beaches and lush rainforests with its vibrant arts and music scene, it’s no surprise that it’s such a hit with visitors.

Our guests stay at one of our all-time favourite hotels, The Crystalbrook Collection Hotel at Byron Bay. Nestled in the rainforest, within walking distance of the famous Tallows Beach, you’re just far enough out of town to avoid the hustle and bustle and just close enough to get a taste of the funky vibe that is Byron Bay. The hotel also has an award-winning restaurant on site for you to enjoy.

As part of this tour, we include visits to local surf spots in the area where you get to enjoy the local knowledge the Surf Getaways team have of the area. All our coaches are trained here so you’ll always be hanging out with the local crew when you visit our Byron tour.

We often get asked, "Is Byron Bay worth visiting given the hype?" And we can say categorically YES! What's not to like about its stunning beaches, vibrant arts and culture scene, and beautiful outdoor spaces where you can enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery NSW has to offer? And all of that is located a short flight from major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne and just a short drive from Brisbane.

This cool coastal town offers something for everyone, from surfers to foodies, shopaholics, or those just looking to chill out and get out of the city. On this tour, we’ve got you covered! It’s no wonder Byron Bay is still voted the #1 spot in Australia to take your next getaway.

At Surf Getaways, we’re passionate about delivering the best surf and lifestyle experiences, and our Byron Bay tour is no exception. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a first-timer, our experienced team will ensure that you get the most out of your time in Byron Bay. Book your Byron Bay tour now and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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