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Why should women try Surf Skating?

Surf skating is a relatively new sport that has gained popularity among surfers looking to improve their technique and abilities. It's a unique form of skateboarding that simulates the movements and sensations of surfing, and it's an excellent way for women to improve their surfing skills and take their abilities to the next level.

See why our team think all female surfers should give surf skating a try and how it can help you improve your surfing faster, than just with surfing alone.

Improves your balance and stability

Surf skating requires you to balance on a small board while simulating the movements of surfing. This repetitive motion can help to improve your balance and stability, which is essential for surfing. By practicing balance and stability on a surf skateboard, women can transfer these skills to the waves and improve their ability to catch and ride waves with ease.

Practice your wave riding techniques

Surf skating allows you to practice wave riding techniques without the need for actual waves. This makes it an excellent training tool for women looking to improve their bottom and top turns, cutbacks, and other wave-riding skills. With the ability to practice these techniques at any time, women can speed up the learning process and take their surfing skills to the next level faster.

Builds strength and endurance

Surf skating is a full-body workout that requires strength and endurance to perform effectively. By building strength and endurance through surf skating, women can transfer these physical benefits to their surfing and have the stamina and power needed to tackle the waves with confidence.

Overcome fear of the ocean

For some women, the fear of the ocean can be a significant barrier to surfing. Surf skating allows you to experience the sensations of surfing in a controlled environment, reducing the fear and anxiety associated with ocean surfing. This can help women feel more confident and comfortable in the water and make the transition to actual surfing smoother and easier.

Better understanding of wave dynamics

Surf skating helps women understand the dynamics of waves and how to manoeuvre on them. By practicing on a surf skateboard, women can develop a better understanding of wave mechanics and how to position themselves on the board to make the most of each wave.

More opportunities to surf

This is our favourite skating also provides you with more opportunities to surf, even when there are no waves! With the ability to practice and improve your skills at any time, you can take advantage of every opportunity to surf and ensure you make the most of your time in the water.

Surf skating is a unique and effective way for you to improve your surfing skills and take your abilities to the next level. So if you're looking to take your surfing skills to the next level, give surf skating a try with us and experience the benefits for yourself.


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