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Why group travel is popular for women of all ages

group travel for women

There are a host of reasons for this. Perhaps you’ve been widowed, and are now simply ready to re-engage with the world and other like-minded people. Maybe it’s just an urge to meet new friends with whom you share certain activities and interests. Some solo female travellers might feel safer sharing foreign adventures in a group, and others who have families might want to travel when their partners can’t.

Industry stats show that despite the pandemic, more and more women are choosing to join select groups. Solo travellers are joining guided tours at unprecedented rates, with some companies reporting single bookings up 300 per cent over those from couples, families or clusters of friends. The biggest segment in this trend is women between the ages of 40 and 70.

The majority of these lone travellers have never taken a group trip before. After years of planning their trips and travelling solo or with a partner – the pandemic – with its months of isolation and its complicated travel rules for testing, masks and vaccination – has pushed them to change their ways.

And let’s not forget about the biggest reason women are choosing to travel together – they get to make new friends. In many cases, friendships made during a group trip are deep and long-lasting. This, we believe, is because every member of the group has already decided to be there, so they are already invested in the idea that they will meet new friends with whom they will share common values. This shared vision leads to positive energy and camaraderie that many women find magical.

Closely related to this is the atmosphere of support and encouragement that surfaces on our trips. Women say they become more open to taking risks and stretching themselves beyond their comfort zones when they feel the embrace of other women egging them on, gaining strength and the confidence to reach beyond what they thought were their limits.

They feel they hear each other better and are more likely to try new things. They use words like compassion, kindness, empathy, nurturing, and empowering. They enjoy honest conversations which are present on women-only trips, and they love the mutual respect they discover there.

Some women also enjoy the ‘more Venus, less Mars’ feeling. Let’s face it, most women feel less pressure, less competition and less distraction when they are travelling without male partners, which leads to fewer power struggles and the ability for them to talk freely without being concerned about being judged.

Women feel more listened to when they are not in the company of men. Additionally, they find it great not to have to deal with male-female pair situations, so no one is ever left feeling like the odd one out.

Newly single, divorced. and widowed women also say they prefer not to be around couples when travelling. Solo women like meeting other women solo travellers and feel this is easier in a group setting versus when travelling alone independently.

It’s also a lot easier. Universally, women say that travelling in the company of other women is just simpler, and more comfortable. They “get” each other more easily. There’s a feeling of easy companionship, honest discussions and zero stress. They also like that someone else is doing all the planning, without having to manage the rest of the family.

Women talk about how much they enjoy experiencing new destinations, cultures, and activities with other like-minded women. Their mutual understanding of the challenges of their gender. They talk about their shared common interests, the power of community and the team dynamic among women. They relish the sense of belonging, acceptance and trust that builds. Our Surf Getaways experiences have a different vibe and energy where a fun group dynamic quickly forms and women find instant rapport.

And then there is the unique sense of self that is on offer. Women of all ages can truly find some “me” time, which can often be missing in their everyday lives. They can stop being caregivers and caretakers and just finally be themselves.

And finally, group travel among women is growing because it’s simply just a lot more fun. Women like to cook together, meet total strangers, and then share stories of what they do and do not have in common. They like to eat well and sometimes drink too much wine! They love learning from each other, absorbing new experiences and enjoying the adventure that life has to offer.

So join Surf Getaways for your next adventure – among a group of like-minded friends.


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