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Wellness benefits of regular ocean swimming

Woman swimming in the ocean

For many of us, the ocean is a place to escape the challenges of everyday life and relax, but did you know there are multiple health benefits to ocean swimming in salt water, whether it be swimming, surfing, a quick dip, or ocean sports?

The benefits of swimming in the ocean extend beyond stress relief. It strengthens muscles, increases endurance, improves skin health, and even improves your mood. So, if you’re a woman who’s never had the time before, but loves the beach and being in the water, it’s never too late to learn!

Check out the benefits of ocean swimming below:

1. Promotes meditation

Feeling the movement of the water around you and the flow of the currents and waves in the ocean can help the body enter a relaxing meditative state which helps reduce the body’s stress. Exercising has great effects on our mental health but exercising out in the ocean increases those benefits. There is nothing better than being weightless in the water.

2. Reduces inflammation

Saltwater is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help speed up the process of recovery and muscle fatigue. Saltwater is filled with all sorts of minerals and benefits for your skin, such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, chloride, potassium and sulphate. Going for an ocean swim after your morning yoga class, a run, or a bike ride will leave you feeling refreshed.

3. Medicine for the skin

A soak in the Dead Sea has been shown to reduce pain and improve joint motion in people with arthritis, as seawater exfoliates and detoxifies the skin. It has also been shown that seawater is beneficial in treating psoriasis (a skin condition that causes red, scaly, itchy patches of skin that can also be painful). In addition, the ocean is high in healing minerals, particularly magnesium, which is a natural remedy for healthy bones, muscles and nerves.

4. Healing ocean

By swimming in the refreshing saltwater of the ocean, the earth’s natural antibiotics and antibacterial properties can help stimulate a healthy immune system, as well as help fight off any infections in the body. The ocean’s saltwater contains sodium chloride, which relieves allergies and respiratory issues, helping to boost your immune system.

5. Overall wellness

Ocean swimming is known for improving your overall health and wellness. The magnesium found in saltwater and sunshine helps to relax muscles, reduce stress and relieve muscle aches, pain and soreness. It also helps release your feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin, to stabilise your mood and increase feelings of happiness and well being.

6. Endurance and strength

Swimming in the ocean is a great way to build endurance and strength. Any type of ocean sport such as snorkelling, surfing, or water skiing challenges your body differently than your typical workout in a swimming pool. It requires significant endurance and strength and is also great for building a strong core as you swim through the water.

Safety tips

Because ocean swimming introduces potential hazards, be sure you feel confident about your swimming abilities before venturing into the open water. If unsure, always stay in waist deep water, and go with a buddy. With our Surf Getaways tours you will have a guide at all times while in the water. In case of an emergency, don’t forget to stay calm, focus on your breathing and alert your coach or guide for assistance by raising one arm in the air.

If we have convinced you to get out in the ocean more often, we invite you to join our Surf Getaways community and do it with a group of like-minded women. Whether it is joining one of our weekly Surf clinics in your local area, or coming along in a trip of a life time with our Surf Getaways experiences, we've got you.


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