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Three tropical destinations on three continents to visit in 2023

The search for an endless Summer is well-known amongst surfers and beach lovers. Who doesn’t love over 25ºC waters, sunshine, bikini surfs and flip flops all day long?

Yes, winters have their magic too. But when the cold days arrive, with cold water and uncomfortable wetsuits, we all wish we were on a tropical island somewhere laying under a palm tree sipping coconuts.

So to help you plan your holidays for the new year, we reveal in this article 3 of our favourite tropical destinations across 3 different continents. So wherever you are, you can start dreaming of an epic surf trip in the tropics. Where would you go?


Bali landscape beach and mountains

The Island of the Gods doesn’t need much introduction. But if you still wonder whether you should visit, here are a few reasons why this unique island in south-east Asia should be on your bucket list.

Bali offers a perfect blend of adventure, magic and comfort for those wanting to try something exotic and new and, at the same time, be able to find commodities of the western world.

With 5-star accommodation options, a wide selection of local and international restaurants and plenty of activities to discover the amazing Balinese culture, you will not have a minute to feel bored. Enjoy stunning landscapes featuring infinite ricefields, empty beaches and the most magical sunsets. And the surf is next level, a dream for all surfers, from beginners to advanced.

Bali will not disappoint you, and we can tell you from experience as our Bali 7-night tour is one of the most sought-after trips of our International getaways.


Mexico panoramic view waves, beach and palm trees

We recently visited Mexico with a bunch of awesome ladies that have been part of our first-ever Mexico 7-night getaway. In one word – magical!

This large country in Central America has it all. But if you’re looking for gentle rolling waves, tropical landscapes, the most vibrant village with beautiful people, and delicious Mexican flavours, Sayulita is your paradise. We can’t talk highly enough about this surfy town and its magical vibes.

You will easily find traditional dances on the road any time of the day, men on horses or exotic animals walking down the streets.

Everywhere there are stunning paintings representing the colourful and vibrant culture, funky and trendy venues with the best ambience, wild rivers and mountains to explore and secret beaches with no one around that make Sayulita picturesque and unique.

Anything is possible in Mexico, and that is what makes it such a special place.


Vanuatu view with ladies swimming in clear waters

Just off the east coast of Australia, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean waters, lies an unspoiled island that offers an excellent set-up for those looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday in a paradisiac environment.

Vanuatu features huge fields packed with palm trees, empty white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, stunning reef corals with plenty of colourful fishes and massive mountains with the most mysterious feel. To top it all off, the surf in Vanuatu is a dream for beginners and those just starting their surf journey. Picture empty surf breaks with no one around, small peeling waves and warm, clean water.

Reading our favourite book on a private beach or by the tropical pool, practising yoga in a seaside yoga pavilion, having a massage, snorkelling around stunning corals or indulging in delicious food, are some of our favourite activities when we are not surfing during our Vanuatu 7-night escape. Oh, and a fresh coconut after a surf is our favourite treat!

If you've ever thought about going on a tropical paradise escape that combines learning to surf, wellness and discovering new cultures, this is the ideal holiday for you!

Have you picked your next tropical adventure yet? We can’t choose only one, so we are taking you to all of them, hassle-free and with a bunch of adventurous and like-minded women. Join us today!


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