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Surfing: A fun and effective way to achieve your fitness goals

Living by the beach presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals to embrace surfing and indulge in its myriad of positive effects. Renowned for its comprehensive nature, surfing offers a plethora of physical and psychological benefits, making it an ideal pursuit for those seeking a vibrant and wholesome lifestyle in harmony with nature.

surfing is a great form of exercise

In particular, women who aspire to cultivate a nourishing routine and attain a regular dose of vitality, self-assurance, and empowerment will find surfing to be an exceptional choice. Join us as we explore the remarkable physical advantages of surfing and delve into why it stands as an outstanding workout option.


When first starting out, the intricacies of surfing techniques and the mechanics of rising from a prone position on a surfboard can pose a challenge for any aspiring surfer. However, through dedicated practice, surfing becomes a remarkable teacher of coordination and muscle memory, stimulating both the body and mind in tandem.


Surfing shares commonalities with yoga, as its movements and postures often mirror those found in yoga practice. This inherent synergy fosters increased flexibility and suppleness throughout the entire muscular system. Embracing the dynamic movements and varied poses of surfing not only enhances performance in the water but also reduces the risk of injuries in both surfing and everyday life, contributing to an overall stronger and more agile physique.


Surfing is a holistic workout that engages and strengthens every facet of the body. From the demanding exertion of the arms, shoulders, core, and back during paddling and getting up on the board, to the continuous activation of leg muscles and abdominal engagement while riding the waves, each session delivers a comprehensive full-body workout. Surfing leaves you invigorated and empowered, as it develops strength across all muscle groups.

Calorie Burn

The number of calories burned during a surf session largely depends on the intensity of the waves. Battling through choppy and turbulent conditions results in a significantly higher calorie expenditure compared to the smoother, more relaxed days where reaching the lineup and catching waves feels effortless. Regardless of the specific conditions, the act of paddling, riding waves, and immersing oneself in the ocean offers a far more effective and gratifying alternative to a sedentary lifestyle. So, leave the couch behind, get your body in motion, and experience the remarkable boost to your overall health and well-being.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Health authorities recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of cardio exercise per week, equivalent to approximately 30 minutes of activity on five days. While running, spinning, and other moderate-intensity workouts can fulfill this requirement, they often lack the excitement and sustainable appeal necessary to establish a consistent routine. Surfing, on the other hand, serves as an ideal alternative to attain cardiovascular fitness goals. Its inherent cardiovascular demands enhance the health of the heart, lungs, and blood circulation, providing an enjoyable and invigorating means of meeting recommended exercise guidelines.

Skin Health

Saltwater serves as a natural exfoliant, detoxifying the skin by eliminating the pollutants and chemicals it accumulates throughout the day. Many skincare products incorporate ocean water for its healing properties in treating various skin conditions. By immersing yourself in the ocean and indulging in the joy of surfing, you not only receive a full-body treatment but also reap the benefits of improved skin health directly from the source.

As you can see, surfing is a complete way of exercising, connecting many body parts and strengthening most of your muscles. Add that to all the psychological benefits and we can’t think of any other form of exercise that will offer that many benefits. Whatever reason resonates with you, surfing is a great workout, an great way to have some fun, and the perfect way to connect with nature and promote your mental health.

If you’re looking for a way to get introduced to the world of surfing, get in touch, join our surf clinics or immerse in one of our surf experiences. You’ll open up a whole new world of fun and fitness!


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