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Surf Skating: Improve your surfing on land

surf skating

Surf skating is a form of skateboarding that replicates the feeling of surfing… But on land! The benefit of surf skating is that it allows you to practice a skill over and over again – something that you can’t do when surfing in the ocean when each wave is different.

Surf skating is a great tool that can improve the key elements of surfing techniques such as your balance and body positioning when in the water surfing.

How does surf skating work

Surf skating is done on skate boards that are specifically designed to replicate the movement of surfing. The main difference between a skate board and a surf skate is in the trucks which allow more movement similar to surfing. The different dynamics of a surf skate board force you to stand in a surfing position with your weight evenly balanced, chest forward and knees compressed. This position on the surf skate is a great practice to improve your balance on a surfboard when in the ocean.

Using the surf skate on a flat surface allows you to practice gaining speed as well as improving our technique when turning, just like we would on a surfboard. Surf skate allows surfers to practice different manoeuvres on a flat surface rather than having to wait for the right wave to attempt the turn out in the surf. This is a real game changer to improve your surfing, no matter if you’re a beginner surfer or advanced!

Before you start surf skating

It is important that, before you even step on your surf skate, you have all your protective equipment on, this includes a helmet as well as knee, wrist and elbow pads. Secondly, remember to be patient! Especially if you are new to skateboarding, remind yourself that you are learning a new skill and it will take time, just like learning to surf.

Make sure you start with your surf skate on a flat surface - we suggest starting on grass so that you can just practice stepping onto the board without it moving. This way you can ensure your stance and position are correct. Once you feel comfortable you can begin practising gaining speed, and when you’re ready – turning!

Applying surf skating to improve your surf skills

To continue improving your skills on the surf skate you can introduce equipment and drills to really replicate a wave as if you were surfing. You can use cones or chalk to rein-act turning at different parts of the wave. If you have a friend around, ask them to softly throw a tennis ball at you! This will really force you to use your balance and coordination – two very important parts of surfing. There are endless amounts of opportunities that a surf skate can bring to improve your surfing skills.

Giving you the ability to practice your surfing even when the weather or the surf are not ideal, is a huge advantage to improving the time that you do spend in the water! You will notice a difference even after one session on a surf skate, the impact that it has on your surfing will be tremendous.

If you would like to give surf skating a go, join our Surf Skate clinics with our qualified female coaches and take your surfing, both on land and in the water, to the next level.


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