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Surf Skating: breaking it down

Happy women surf skating

Almost a year after we started our Surf Getaways Introduction to Surf Skating program, we can safely say that surf skating is an exceptional activity that will bring many benefits into your life, regardless of your fitness level, surf experience, age or ability.

Things like “I can’t believe people haven’t discovered this fun stuff yet!”, “ I loved it so much, I can’t wait to keep practicing” or “this concept is fantastic for learning to surf or as a stand-alone fitness / fun activity” are heard in every session. And we couldn’t be more proud of all the women who have been brave enough to come along and give this slightly unknown activity a try - only to realise it’s the best thing they’ve done in a long time.

Today we're breaking down our Introduction to Surf Skating clinics step by step. You will understand what you’ll learn, how we’ll teach you and what you’ll master by the end of this four week program so you understand what’s involved and why it should be the next thing on your bucket list.

First things first, you’ll get familiar with the gear you will use and more importantly, the safety gear! Helmets, wrist protectors, knee pads, elbow pads…we provide everything that you need and ensure you’re wearing the safety gear correctly. During the first lesson, you’ll also learn about the surf skateboard itself, its anatomy and mechanics, and how it’s different from regular skateboards by imitating the movement of surfing.

After covering all the theoretical aspects, we then carefully go through the part everyone fears the most – falling off. You will learn step by step how to get onto the surf skate, and then how to safely get off the board. There are multiple ways of stopping yourself when you have too much speed that you’ll learn during this program, as well as tips so that you limit the impact on your body when / if you hit the ground. And don’t worry, our team will be right there with you, even holding your hand to make sure you learn at your own pace, but soon enough you’ll be ready to practice on your own.

Once everyone feels confident in their ability to stop by themselves, we get into the fun stuff. By week four you will be doing "rail grabs" and carving down the line, gaining speed and learning top and bottom turns. The best part about surf skating is that you can do these drills over again, not having to wait for the wave to come to you as you would in surfing!

By the end of the program, you’ll notice many benefits, both physically and mentally. You'll have new skills on a surf skateboard and more self-confidence, and your body will feel healthy and in shape (you might not know yet, but Surf Skating is an excellent form of exercise). And if you are a surfer, we guarantee that surf skating will mark a before and after in your technique, proven fact by the ladies who combine surf skating with our surf clinics.

Overall, you’ll experience a feeling of presence and self-focus reaching a state of mindfulness that will last your whole day, if not longer. So share this article with your girlfriends, get the gang together and sign up for a weekly dose of fun, exercise and self-care by learning to surf skate -


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