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Solo travel is a great way for women to make new friends

Group of women in the Maldives

Travelling solo as a woman can be an exciting and inspirational way to see new places and try new things. Solo female travelling is the perfect option for all women, especially those who don't have cool adventure buddies, but would like to make some new ones!

Whilst it’s always important to take care when travelling as a female on your own, the experiences you get from exploring the world on your own are incredible. The truth is you already have the skills you need to stay safe when you travel, but here are our top tips for being smart when you’re travelling solo and making friends.

Be aware

Learn everything you can about a country before visiting, and when you are planning your arrival time, make sure you get there in the daytime so you can get your bearings. When you are out exploring your new location, you should always be aware of what's happening around you. Look at the people in your immediate vicinity as this shows people that you are conscious of the dangers.

Avoid walking with your head down and your earphones in because it can mark you out as a potential target. It’s also a good idea to be mindful of walking around waving your expensive phone in your hand, as it can draw attention to the fact you are a tourist who is likely to have other valuables on them.

Connect with other women

Women look out for each other everywhere, so make a conscious effort to connect with other solo female travellers or join a group tour as a solo participant. Group travel is a great way to meet other solo female travellers and because you’re part of a group, you can let your guard down, let someone else do all the planning and relax for a while.

When travelling on your own, join a walking tour, learn an activity as part of a group or join a group if you want to go out at night. Always be sure to let someone know where you're going and remember there is safety in numbers!

Help is at hand

Even if you’re an avid traveller and/or experienced surfer, there are still lots of fears that may come up and challenges to face when visiting a different culture, language barrier or environment. At Surf Getaways we’ve got a great team of experienced women on board who understand travelling, and that exploring a new country for the first time can be an emotional ride. Your onsite female guide as well as the whole team will be available to make your experience unique and unforgettable.

Look after yourself

Travelling solo is all about adventure. It’s tempting to step outside of your comfort zone and push the limits, but be aware that our bodies can only take so much. Make sure you take out travel insurance (which is mandatory on all Surf Getaways Experiences), as it could end up saving you thousands. It is easier to have a blast when you have a great backup plan. It’s also important to ensure your body is well nourished – like eating regular, healthy food! And remember: clean water is your friend.

Stay positive

Try to see the good in others! There’s no point travelling solo if you are not ready to stretch your limits, and it’s important to know that generally, people around the world are often generous and kind. Be open to positive experiences when they present themselves. There is nothing to fear. As a solo female traveller, you will have the opportunity to find more like-minded people and groups at the destination to share your memories with.

But if you’re hesitant to do all the travelling on your own and would like to connect with other like-minded women to travel with, we totally get it. Join our Surf Getaways community and find your tribe. We have an amazing team of experienced female guides to calm your nerves and make your holiday hassle free. You’ll meet amazing women, who will become your new friends and adventure sisters.


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