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Meet the team: Sarah Pawley

Sarah Pawley Surf Getaways coach

If you’ve had a surf lesson with us on the Sunshine Coast, chances are you’ve met Sarah! She’s one of our fantastic team of Senior Surf Coaches, and she also leads our amazing Sunshine Coast community.

If you haven’t met Sarah, trust us you’ll love this Queenslander too. Check out the interview and you’ll learn more about her connection with the ocean, why she became a surf coach and what it is that she loves about it.

Why did you take up surfing?

When I was younger I did Surf Life Saving and surfing just seemed like the next thing to feed my saltwater addiction. That and my brother was a crazy surfer and he threw me on a board and from that moment I was hooked!

Apart from the joy of surfing the waves, what else has surfing given you?

Surfing is my meditation, it allows me to feel free and to connect to something greater. Not to mention the beautiful friends I have made along the way.

What do you like the most about introducing to other women the world of surfing?

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, surfing will help you connect and build your personal power, showing you that anything is possible!

What would you say to a woman of any age considering trying surfing for the first time?

Have an open mind, allow for whatever comes up and just have fun with the process. Be proud of yourself at every stage, remember your reason why and don’t take it too seriously - that’s what it’s actually all about!

If you're new to surfing, make sure you download our FREE beginners guide to surfing today!

What is your favourite surfing movie?

Point Break is an absolute classic, but from my teens it’s got to be Blue Crush!

What is your favourite surfing accessory?

I’m a huge fan of surf leggings, I'd make my own if I could figure it out how haha! That and Smoothstar no lay days!! Yewww!

What do you do when you are not in the water?

I love keeping fit and finding new ways to have fun with movement and also love to climb the odd mountain or two.

Tell us a fun fact about you, something that people wouldn’t normally know?

Not many people know but I was thrown on a horse when I was 4 at my grandad’s farm out west and rode horses up until my 20’s and now a little here and there, I love being as mad as a cut snake.

If you’re interested in learning to surf and meeting Sarah, at Surf Getaways we have monthly surf clinics, luxury surf holidays and even a paddle squad clinics . Join us today!


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