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Happy International Women’s Day!

A day to celebrate women on waves, our surf heroes

A day to celebrate the women who came before us, to help build the world we live in where women in sports get a fair(-er) chance, and girls can increasingly be who and what they want to be.

In many places in the world we still have a long way to go, so let’s take today to celebrate those women who put in the hard work, and be inspired to follow in their footsteps.

To name just a few inspiring female surfers, THANK YOU:

  1. Isabel Latham: Australias first female surfer (1915),

  2. Margo Oberg: the first female professional surfer in the world (1968),

  3. Phyllis Odonnell – first womens world champion (1964).

  4. Mary Ann Hawkins one of the first female surfers in California.

  5. Marge Calhoun – the first female surfing champion after winning the Makaha International surf contest (1958).

  6. Layne Beachley – 7 times world champion (from 1999) (the only surfer male or female to win six consecutive times). Layne has and continues to work really hard for womens surfing to get the recognition it deserves.

  7. Wendy Botha was one of the first women to win multiple world titles and raising the profile of female surfers (1987),

  8. Pam Burridge was the first Australian women’s world champion (1990),

  9. Pauline Menczer winning a total of 28 professional events without a major sponsor (like many female surfers on this list) (1993),

  10. Lisa Anderson pushed the level of womens surfing at the time, to a the next level (1994).

  11. Keala Kennelly surfs the biggest and gnarliest waves of any female to ever surf. Recently winning barrel of the year (April 2016) award at Tahitis Teahupo’o out of men and women!!. Made history by being the first women to ever do so.

Female surfers continue raising the level of women’s surfing, such as Stephanie Gilmore, Carissa Moore and Tyler Wright are currently in the forefront of an extremely talented and exciting Women’s WSL tour. These ladies continue to raise the bar and promote women’s surfing and build the recognition for women’s surfing.And there’s an extensive trail of talented and frothing up and comers from all around the world right behind the WSL pushing the limits and raising the bar of the future of women’s surfing yet again.

THANKS to all these amazing women!


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