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Byron Bay, a surf town with a touch of luxury

Byron Bay surf town

The Byron Bay welcome road sign “Cheer up, Slow down, Chill out” already gives you an idea of what you will find even before you step a foot in its streets. Known for being a very spiritual hippie coastal town, over the years it has evolved into a more high-end tourist destination, but without losing its wild essence. And we're not surprised by it, as the breathtaking scenery and pristine beaches make this place a must for any bucket list destination. At Surf Getaways, we're lucky enough to call this place “home”, and the place where the adventure began.


Located in the far north end of New South Wales, Byron Bay is known as the most eastern corner of mainland Australia. Having the Byron Lighthouse as its main landmark, built in 1901, the town is surrounded by rainforest and protected natural parks that mix up with white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. A unique area where you'll always find an empty beach or a nice trail to explore and enjoy the site. A place where locals mix up with tourists of all kinds, from backpackers and van travellers to 5-star resorts and luxury apartments for everyone to be able to enjoy a holiday in paradise.


When it comes to surfing, Byron Bay and its surrounding areas offer all types of waves for all levels and abilities. Whether you're an advanced surfer or you're only starting out, with the appropriate knowledge of the area you'll find a wave that suits your level. As its name indicates, in the “bay” side of town you will find a more protected area with mellower waves more suited to beginners and cruising longboarders. On this side of town is where the popular point break 'The Pass' is located, a well-known surf spot for surfers across the country.

On the southern side of the lighthouse, you will find some open beaches where the ocean is a bit rougher and where surfers are required to have some experience to surf safely. Waves are bigger and stronger, perfect for the ones looking for a bit of challenge. You will find plenty of surf breaks along the infinite beach, starting at “cozy corner” all the way to Broken Head beach.

If you're new to surfing, make sure you download our FREE beginners guide to surfing today!


The offer is unlimited when it comes to accommodation options in Byron Bay. At Surf Getaways we have chosen a mix of luxury and boutique style, with a premium location in the town centre but surrounded by green lush and quietness. Within walking distance to the beach, restaurants and shops, The Atlantic Byron Bay offers that perfect mixture to have the best stay.


Tourism has brought many good things to the town, one of them is the food you will find on offer. From international restaurants to local food corners and the best coffee shops in the area, you can find all sorts of cuisine and hidden gems to enjoy a great post-surf meal or a drink and snack. We will make sure you have time to explore them and can give you recommendations during the tour based on your preferences.

Non-surfing activities

After days full of surf and yoga, one of our favourite activities is to sit by the pool and enjoy a drink and well-deserved rest. But if you have the energy to explore, Byron Bay will offer you plenty of choices to do during your free time including enjoying the best sunsets at The Wreck beach, heading for an afternoon of shopping and a walk around town, taking the walk up to the Lighthouse, totally worth the effort as you enjoy the breathtaking views of both sides of the bay, or exploring the hundreds of hectares of natural rainforest that surround the town.

In short, our Byron Bay getaways have all the ingredients to be the perfect holiday. If you're wanting to know more about our tours in this magic location, check out our 7-night tour or our 3-night getaway today.


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