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7 signs you need a vacation

need a vacation

Taking a break and going on a vacation is always welcome, but sometimes getting away is necessary. Can you remember the last time you did nothing but couldn't? Or have you committed to a week of exercising and skipped most days? Are you starting to feel irritated by simple work requests? We’ve compiled a list of seven signs that can help you identify if you are in urgent need of a holiday.

1. You feel overwhelmed by life

Life can get tough at times. You might feel like nothing is working out and it's getting harder to balance work, social life, family time and personal care. When prioritising and executing are becoming almost impossible, it’s time to take a break, gain perspective and watch from afar to regain control.

2. Your last vacation was forever ago

When you find yourself trying to remember the last time you crossed a destination off your bucket list, you sunbathed at the beach or explored somewhere you’ve never been before. It’s time to plan a new adventure.

3. If you lose your temper more often

Are you stressing over things that don’t matter? Does a simple comment, constructive feedback, your kids' behaviour or your mum calling driving you up the wall, it might be time to check your annual leave, book some flights and get away for a bit.

4. You can’t remember the last time you did nothing

Getting stuck in a routine with no space for doing nothing is really easy to do. It might feel weird at first to lie down on the couch, sit in the sun or hang out in a cafe enjoying a good coffee without doing anything else. No phone, no book, no agenda or to-do lists, but practicing the art of simply relaxing and doing nothing is as important as being productive. If you can’t figure out how to do it, forcing yourself to retreat to a tropical island to sip coconuts and swim in crystal-clear water might be the only solution.

5. It’s hard to keep a healthy routine

Skipping workout days, postponing outdoor walks and missing morning beach walks because you're too busy, have too much work on or simply don’t have time, will only bring more tiredness, stress and irritability into your life. Burning energy, creating endorphins and moving your body is necessary to reduce stress and improve your mood. Make sure you add an activity, outdoor time or exercise into your daily routine, and if that sounds pretty impossible, then you might need to stop everything else and take some time off.

6. You can only think about work

If your family, friends and hobbies have become secondary and all you can think about is your work life, you might need to reverse the balance. The best way to do this is to disconnect to reconnect, and taking a vacation is the quickset way to disconnect.

7. You’re starting to burn out

If you’re lacking motivation, feeling tired and drained most of the time or procrastinating simple daily tasks are all symptoms of burnout. And this is something you need to treat before it takes over your life. Forcing yourself to take a break and getting some perspective in your life will help to short circuit this.

Have any of these seven signs resonated with you? If one of two of these have, it most likely means you need to take a holiday ASAP. And if a dreamy tropical location, unique adventures, luxury accommodation and a group of like-minded women sound like the perfect plan, join us on an exclusive getaway and reconnect with yourself.


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