We take your safety seriously


Surf Getaways has moved to ensure all our tours and surf clinics are COVID SAFE. Guest comfort and safety remains at the forefront of everything we do. An overview of the updates we have made to our programs is provided below:

Surf Tours

All available rooms on our tours are now single occupancy only. Customers can request twin share rooms, but must be willing to sign a waiver form that stipulates they are comfortable sharing a room. In the short term, this option is only available to customers who are known to each other and/or are related.

  1. All groups are now limited to just 6-8 guests per tour

  2. All hotel properties SG work with, have provided undated hygiene processes to SG and now incorporate these requirements into the guests experience to limit the spread of COVID

  3. All guides on tour will travel with COVID SAFE hygiene products. Hand sanitiser, face masks and gloves for use in high risk first aid situations.

  4. All food and beverage service will follow the appropriate laws and regulations mandated by the location (country and region/state) the tour or clinic is operating within

Surf Clinics

  1. All shared rash vests in our clinics are sanitised regularly

  2. SG has individual rash vests now available for purchase by customers should they prefer to wear their own vest. Please contact us on info@surfgetaways.com.au for the details and to purchase your vest.

  3. All learner boards are regularly cleaned and sanitised

  4. Classes are limited in size (8 max), to ensure appropriate distance between customers during clinic sessions