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You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf

Why surfing and yoga are so compatible

As they say, the best way to get better at surfing: is to go surfing! But there are many land based activities that can support your body being fitter, stronger, more flexible, and ready to get more waves, and yoga is definitely one of them.

Physical strength, balance and flexibility

Surfing and yoga complement each other physically in a great way in that they both focus on and require strength, balance and flexibility. The right sequence of yoga poses is the perfect warm up before a surf session, or for restorative purpose after a long surf session. Especially yoga poses that focus on your lower back, core, shoulder and leg strength and flexibility, can support you to become a stronger and more agile surfer.

Mental clarity, breath and focus

In addition to the physical element, the mental clarity yoga aspire to achieve can also help your surfing. The focus on breathing and staying with the breath even when going through challenging poses and sequences can assist you when going out in bigger waves and experiencing wipe-out, hold downs and challenging paddle-outs! The teachings in yoga about being non judgmental, finding your focus and clearing your mind can also be a great tool when trying to learn to surf and be accepting of the time it takes to improve, not to get frustrated and keep on catching waves rather than give up.

Yoga practice

If you’re not experienced with yoga, it is always a good start to take yoga classes with a teacher to learn the basics and right alignments. Once you have those down and prefer to practice at home, there are plenty of online resources to find the right online platform to do guided online yoga classes.

Online classes for surfing yogis

Find below a list of resources with yoga poses, sequences, and classes that focus on yoga for surfers.

  1. The Inertia – have a number of great videos with ‘yoga for surfers’ sequences – focusing on core strength, lower back stability, and shoulder strength:

  2. Do it yourself Yoga For Surfers

  3. 3 Phase yoga to relieve back pain

  4. 5 yoga poses to relieve shoulders after surfing

  5. 6 yoga poses that give surfers stronger supple hips

  6. Peggy Hall is one of the pioneers in yoga for surfing and brought out her Yoga For Surfers videos before dvd’s existed. With yoga being thousands of years old, the core poses that support your surfing are just as timeless as Peggy’s Yoga for Surfers sequences.

  7. Yoga Glo is a paid platform with a free trial, and you can find the right yoga class for you based on searches on duration, style, body parts and focus, and they even have a collection of classes specifically designed for surfers!

Some other great yoga for surfers blogs we found:

Ladies Surf Getaways yoga classes

Our Ladies Surf Getaways include daily yoga practice hosted at the resort to get you ready for the waves and to restore your body after a long session in the water.

Yoga session at Matanivusi Eco-Resort Fiji during our Ladies Surf Getaways Mar ’17


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