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Women that inspire us

Welcome, March! This Women's History Month, we're celebrating all things female. We’ve asked some of our team members as well as Surf Getaways customers to tell us about an empowering female in their lives: how they influenced their careers, surfing journey and life in general.

“When I was in Samoa the only person I surfed with was Bethany Hamilton, we were the only families staying at the resort and our ‘fale’ (cabins) were next to each other. Let me tell you when a woman with one arm calls you in on a 6 foot wave my God did I paddle. I saw the biggest set of the day roll through and I was in the perfect position but I was way too scared in my head I was just thinking “Please Bethany do not call me in on this one!” but you bet she did and It turned out to be the best wave of my life still to this day! Meeting Bethany Hamilton and surfing with her as a 15 year old really motivated me to stick with my surfing and it really drove me to improve.

- Hanna Lace

“I have met so many influencing women throughout my life. I am where I am today in my career because of the women that have believed in me and have taken the time to teach me how to believe in myself.”

- Serena Adams

“My mother passed away last September after a very long battle (10 years) with early onset dementia. A fit, healthy beautiful lady succumbed to early onset dementia at 67. Life as she knew it stopped for her at a very young age. She however always instilled a ‘just give it a go’ attitude in her children, something for which I am eternally grateful.

I tended to want to DO everything at once and HAVE everything at once but she would say… “you CAN have everything Alison, just maybe not all at once”. My priorities were with raising my children for many years and now it’s my turn. My mother was right. Haha”

- Alison Harris

“My friend who got me into surfing in the first place has empowered me by encouraging me to try surfing. She also challenges me by getting me to think about things more deeply and shown me that giving some time back to myself it’s not being selfish, it’s necessary.

- Kate Sauna

“I’d have to say Serena, without her believing in me and helping me see my own value I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

- Sarah Pawley

“I really think my sister, my friends and the women I’ve coached within Mexico are my inspiration. Always having fun in the water, hooting each other, being as stoked to watch a friend catch a wave as themselves, and now all the energy they give to their children in the water, helping them progress in a beautiful way. Also, the hard times surfing has helped us all through. I think of the ocean as a female – so ultimately it's her too, the ocean, my friend.

- Merome Darvill

“My Auntie Lib. She could hold her own at the dinner table, firm and clear in her opinion and quick to laugh. She could do the splits in her 40’s and raised two interesting, intelligent children.”

- Sally Bowers

“My mum was the most empowering female in my life. She raised me and my sister as a single parent, travelled the world with us, and really encouraged me to think big and live courageously. “She was always challenging me to step outside my comfort zone and do what made my heart sing. I was devastated when she passed away and I really lost my “True North” and best friend. That was a really tough time. Surfing provided me with some healing and positive female role models that I really appreciate and value. I know my mum would have loved surfing and would have been proud of me just getting out there even when I fall off!

A special mention also has to go to Jane Collins at Surf Getaways, she is an amazing instructor and all-round awesome human. The impact she has had on women learning to surf in our community is massive…I am constantly inspired by her love of surfing and the ocean. She is a national treasure!”

- Chloe Collins

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We’re so proud of all the incredible women that we get to call our community. And to make it an even more special event, to celebrate Women History Month we’re giving away an incredible prize pack valued at over $1,000. If you’d like to participate, simply sign up here and tell us in 25 words or less why you and your favourite female should win to go into the draw.

Good Luck!


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