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Why we still love Bali as surf destination

Variety of breaks – suitable for all levels

We believe Bali continues to be one of the best places, close to Australia, to practice your surfing. There are a broad range of places to go for a surf. Beach breaks and reef, providing great opportunities to learn and practice in varied, but safe conditions. It’s one of the many reasons why we like to go to Bali.

Hidden secret surf spots to avoid the crowds

Plus, if you know the right people (and we do), you can find those uncrowded breaks well away from the touristy, crowded beaches featured in the common holiday brochures.

Food & cultural Balinese experience

On top of a variety of waves and surf locations, there’s also that unforgettable Balinese food, service, scenery and culture. It continues to be one of our favourite destinations in 2019.

Check out some more photos to see why.

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