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Location, location location…

Vanuatu is our new favourite destination for women who want to learn to surf. The scenery is also a land full of thick rainforests and jungle vines through to pristine tropical waters. Truly a surfers paradise! Here are some of my favourite things about this destination…


nuatu is relaxing, friendly and adventurous at the same time.


The locals are super friendly and love to share their village stories and history with you. We get to experience a local guided tour on the neighbouring island and we also get to visit the local primary school which mostly involves lots of giggles and laughs.

Local fresh food with goodness & taste…

… and is good for you as well. Gill and Fiona our personal chefs make sure they are filling us with nutritious food and always ending the evening with a tasty sweet treat to buzz our taste buds. All with no sugar added. I never thought a sugarless treat could taste so good.


Fresh Food during your Surf Tour
joy fresh food in Vanuatu

The Surf in Vanuatu

Starting in the flat calm waters between Reflections Resort water front and Lelepa island is were we begin learning to paddle and to control the surf board. It is an ideal location to ease into surfing and build confidence and skills before heading to the breaking waves.


Vanuatu Beginner Surfing. Learn to Surf in Vanuatu.
rf Beach “Pango Beach” is a beginners’ haven.

Super safe waves to learn to surf on the inside that can handle even windy conditions. On the incoming tide the reef is covered by enough water to catch small broken and unbroken waves so our guests can surf into an inshore channel where its easy to sit back down on your board.

The local surfers are super friendly and encourage the guests to catch all the waves we can. ‘Party Wave’ is often called out to encourage the guests to catch a wave with the locals. Fun!


Increasing our water confidence and experience for our guests in a relaxing situation out of the ocean starts out in a safe and supported environment. Once we head to the ocean we all feel conformable and are able to watch the schools of fish going on with their day to day business, without fear or anxiety.

Amazing Sunsets!

A Surf Getaway in Vanuatu includes peaceful sun sets where you get to sit back and watch nature at its best. Reminiscing about the days events, the best waves and of course what is the plan for the next day.

Surftour in Vanuatu. Learn to Surf in Vanuatu.


Ladies Surf Getaways in Vanuatu
ways on every tour there is so much laughter and mate-ship one of the reasons we do what we do.

“Empowering and inspiring women to reach their full potential through surfing. Vanuatu is the perfect place to do this and why I love my job!” (Serena Adams, head coach Surf Getaways)

Check out some more impressions from past Ladies Surf Getaways.

oes this make you want to plan your next surf trip? We’d love to see you on our Surf Getaways!

UPCOMING VANUATU SURF GETAWAY 28 November – 5 December 2019

Suitable for Introductory & Beginner

Book before the end of July and safe up to A$400!

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