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Top tips for maintaining your surf equipment


Whilst it may seem strange for a sport that’s enjoyed outdoors in the sunshine, a lot of surf equipment won’t last long if it's not looked after correctly, including if it's in direct sunlight. With surf gear not being cheap, we’ve put together a few tips on how to best maintain your equipment so you can get the most use out of it!

How you look after your wetsuit out of the surf is the most important thing to ensure longevity. When taking your wetsuit off, make sure you’re not standing on anything sharp or dirty like rocks or gravel. When taking off your suit ideally you want a nice grassy area so you can take it off without any hassle. Once you’re home make sure you rinse out your wetsuit straight away with fresh water, this could be in a bucket of water or using the garden hose. Once the wetsuit has been rinsed, ensure it's hung out to dry but out of direct sunlight. If you leave your wetsuit in direct sunlight for too long you may find the quality of the material deteriorates. When drying ensure you also turn the wetsuit inside out, that way the whole suit dries out in time for your next surf!

To avoid any damage to your legrope, after each surf it’s also a great idea to take your legrope off the board. This prevents any wear and tear out of the water, and so it doesn’t get tangled in-between surfs. To maintain a surfboard is a similar process to your wetsuit. Make sure you rinse your board off with fresh water after every surf. You also want to make sure you leave your board out of direct sunlight, however, if you have no other option, to ensure your board is well looked after it’s best to look into getting a surfboard bag.

If you like to go for a swim or a sunbake before or after your surf, make sure you do what you can to protect your board. Leaving your surfboard in the heat for too long will start to melt the wax. So if you put your board down on the beach, make sure you have the deck (top of the surfboard) facing the sand, and you place a towel or a board bag over it. Another top tip is to make sure you don’t leave a block of wax in your car! Because yes it will melt and it’s very tricky to clean!

When heading out for a surf, it’s also a great idea to check for any compression marks or dings before and after each surf to ensure sure your surfboard is in a good condition. You don’t want any water to get into the board, a cut or ding in your surfboard can be fixed by a local surfboard shaper, and it’s always easier to fix small dings versus having to buy a brand new board.

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Before you get into the water for a surf, remember to always check your equipment. If you do notice anything starting to fray or deteriorate in quality make sure you get it fixed ASAP. It can be dangerous to yourself and others if you head out in the water with a legrope that is about to snap. Having quality, well looked after equipment will not only help you to keep you safe and make surfing more enjoyable but help to keep others around you safe too.

If you‘re not sure if you’re equipment is safe, make sure to chat to your local surf shop or ask your Surf Getaways Surf Coach before you head out. Safety is always key when you’re dealing with mother nature and the surf.


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