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Top 5 things to consider when travelling solo

The more you travel as a single female traveller, the broader your view of the world becomes and as a result the more confidence you develop as you travel. Added to that is an ever increasing group of friends you can’t help but make, from all over the world.

If that all sounds a little bit daunting and you haven’t yet ventured out on an adventure on your own and are keen to try it but don’t really know how to start because you are still feeling a bit nervous about what it involves, don’t worry, we’ve got some great tips for getting yourself out the door and travelling solo.

Top 5 things to consider to help get yourself travelling solo:

1. Join a tour with like-minded women

A great way to minimise any anxiety or nerves for those wanting to travel solo but a bit unsure, pick a tour group of like-minded women, that includes something fun to do, or includes fun places to see and that way, you are travelling alone, but will never actually feel alone. And whatever experiences you have, there is sure to be someone around to help or to laugh with.

2. Go somewhere you’ve been before

Choose a familiar destination first and get ready to see it through a different travel filter. You’ll experience local environments and local people in a new and exciting way because you are engaging with it alone, yet you’ll feel confident because a lot of the surroundings will seem familiar e.g. Bali is an easy destination for your first solo adventure, because its people are renowned for their kindness and acceptance of travellers, especially women. There are also a great range of top international restaurants for that cocktail or relaxing tropical dinner in an environment that is safe. Plus the local food is tasty and cheap and easy to find.

3. Discover a new sport

Choose a tour that includes a fun activity or sport. This ensures you don’t get bored or set yourself up to feel uncomfortable just going to or from beaches or visit only touristy sites on your own. You’ll be engaged in fun activities, like surfing or yoga with a group which means you pack your day full of activities that are at interesting locations you might not otherwise visit. You’ll also get a chance to get your daily exercise fix completed in a fun way.

4. Say ‘yes’ to going for a drink or dinner

Decide to spend several days of your holiday with people you have just met. e.g. organise to do some activities with new friends, not just on your own. Drinks or dinner is an easy way to break the ice with a newly met friend or group. Plus, it’s not a long time to commit to hanging out if you are feeling shy about spending the day with someone you might have only just met. With a drinks date, if it doesn’t go well, you can make a quick and easy exit.

5. Travel light

This makes sure you can be as open to change and as flexible as possible with your travel plans. e.g. if through your new found friends you get invited to travel locally to visit a new destination, you can do that easily. It also makes navigating airlines and airports much easier when you are embarking on your first solo adventure.

Bon voyage!


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