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The importance of pre and post surf stretching

Stretching is one of the best investments you can give your body if you want to enjoy your surfing. Doing a pre and a post surf stretching routine is also important for your safety to avoid injuries and a sore body the day after.

We get it, most of the time we just want to rush out into the surf because the waves look amazing and stopping to stretch is the furthest thing from our minds. But trust us, that quick stretch will make a huge difference and your body and mind will thank you in the surf and afterwards.

What happens to our bodies when we stretch?

When we stretch the blood flow increases in our muscles. This increase of blood brings more oxygen to the muscles we stretch which will help to get rid of metabolic waste products. It also activates our parasympathetic system, the system in our body that brings calmness and relaxation.

Benefits of a pre and post surf stretch

You can benefit a lot from stretching before and after your surf, and here are five reasons to stop and stretch before and after your next surf:

  1. Increased blood circulation It will make your body more flexible. An increase in blood flow to your muscles helps you to move easier and manage quick and explosive movements and can also help prevent injuries.

  2. Stress relief Stretching helps to make you calm, which is the perfect mindset to take out into the ocean, especially when you’re paddling out into challenging waves.

  3. Improved posture Stretching gives you a strong and flexible body, which can help improve your posture. A good posture is key to keep your balance on the surfboard whilst riding waves.

  4. It helps to build muscles When you build your muscles, tiny tears appear on them and stretching can help to recover from these and make your muscles grow and strengthen. This is why stretching is so great after surfing.

  5. Better performance in the surf Overall stretching will improve your surf fitness and help you to have a more fun and safe time in the water.

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When you’re doing your stretching, make sure you’re present and consider the following tips:

  • Always warm up a little bit, by walking or jogging down the beach.

  • Be gentle, it should not be painful.

  • Always stretch both sides, for example if you stretch your right shoulder, make sure you also stretch your left shoulder.

  • Make it a routine, the more you do it, the more flexible you’ll become, and

  • Avoid bouncing when you stretch., long steady stretches are what you’re looking for.

If you’re wanting to get into this routine but its hard on your own, join our surf clinics and learn from our experienced female coches together with a group of like-minded women.


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