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The importance of community

Women community having  a great time

The idea of community in its more basic form stands for a group of people that are somehow connected because they share a geographic area, a common goal or similar interests.

It's easy to become part of a community for practical reasons, but there is another type of community. One that brings a special connection and a sense of belonging that enriches and impacts our lives positively. These are the ones that are harder to find, and their value is great.

These unique communities give their members a feeling of purpose and offer a safe and encouraging space to connect, share and interact with each other. Within this comfortable atmosphere of respect and trust, community members get to create new relationships, expand their knowledge, open their minds and find opportunities that wouldn't be accessible to them otherwise. All of this adds value to the relationships formed and enhances the connections within the group.

And if we go one step further, all these positive outcomes are even more notable within female-only communities, a growing trend that more and more females are choosing over mixed communities. This is for a simple reason - women understand each other and are happy to support, encourage and lift each other up. When women connect, they look to create genuine relationships from which everyone can benefit and grow.

What are the benefits of joining a female-only community?

Understanding: Women understand what it means to be a woman with its advantages and challenges. We can put ourselves in another woman's shoes and give a different perspective based on experience.

Support and empowerment: Female communities built in an environment of trust and respect, create an atmosphere where members lift each other up, help to improve confidence and broaden their support networks.

Safe spaces: Female communities allow women to speak freely about issues they’re experiencing as women, and to gather honest feedback and advice from others who have been through similar experiences.

Inspiration: Shared experiences and stories of resilience can inspire and help other women in the same or similar situations to overcome their obstacles and challenges in life. Even the simplest comment, reaction or advice can help change someone's life forever. And that is the magic of the small things.

Sense of purpose: When you get a bunch of women with a common goal or purpose - watch out! If its changes in social justice, womens rights, equal pay or even the #metoo movement, when groups of women get together we are changing the world.

If we’ve learnt anything over the events of the last few years it’s that we all need community, and with the power of technology and the internet it has never been easier to find your tribe. To help to deepen the connections between our community of adventurous women from across the world we have recently launched our own online community platform. It’s a unique space for women to join, meet, connect, learn and share experiences. Whilst surfing is at the core of what we do, its not what it’s all about. Our women have other things going on in their lives, so come join us to learn more about surfing but also to get career tips, meet with an uber experienced Life Coach, book an at home dinner party or even hear from bestselling authors.


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