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Surfing NSW Lead Her panel with Serena Adams

Her Wave is a platform that offers access, experience, progression and leadership opportunities to women in surfing. Run by Surfing NSW, it’s a community for females of all ages and abilities, working to build a more inclusive surf culture in NSW.

Within the Her Wave initiative, “Lead Her” specifically designs programs and initiatives to inspire, educate and empower more females to take on leadership positions and develop leaders in and out of the water. Lead Her aims to actively support grassroots surfing in fostering an inclusive surf culture and model equality in surfing at all levels.

Running a series of 4 masterclass our very own founder Serena Adams participated in one of the panels, alongside our Guest Speaker and World Champion Surfer, Pauline Menczer to talk through the challenges women face in the surfing industry.

Watch the full masterclass to hear first-hand stories of all these different inspiring women.


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