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Surf Travel Tips from our partner at Flight Centre

We interviewed our Group Travel Partner, Nina Du Preez, at Flight Centre for her industry travel tips.

Surf Getaways has partnered with Flight Centre for all our customer flights and other travel related enquiries, to enable Surf Getaways customers easy and efficient flight bookings at either end of their surf tour.

1. What’s your role in Flight Centre and in roughly a sentence how would you describe your average day?

I’m a group travel manager specialising in group movement of 10 to 400 passengers. My day consists of managing relationships between clients and suppliers to execute tailored itineraries and arranging specific requirements.

2. How long have you been working in the travel industry?

17 years, and counting.

3. Whats your favourite thing about your job?

Helping people gather memories and making their travel dreams a reality.

4. Whats your favourite destination and why?

This is the hardest question! Amongst many, one of my favourites is Japan. I love it’s beauty, history, food and the culture. Accessibility getting there from Australia and the efficiency of getting around the country is a great advantage.

5. Whats your top 5 things you recommend people do when/before/during booking travel arrangements especially flights?

1. …….know your plans, dates, stops, preferences, what you’re will to compromise on and what is not flexible

2. ……..there is value in a Travel agent who will validate your research and help navigate the confusing world of airline rules and match options to your requirements

3. ……..research option but be prepared to be impulsive – specials come go go

4. ………ensure your passport has sufficient validity particularly if the trip has a short lead time as well as entry requirements, some visas can take some time to obtain

5. …….know your budget

6. If you had to pick one essential thing, what would be the ‘must do’ travel ‘thing’ people should always consider/do before they travel.?

Always check your name on your booking, entry requirements & passport validity. These are the most common issues we encounter that may result in denied boarding. and of course…have fun!!

Surf Getaways x Flight Centre Partner benefits

Flight Centre offer Surf Getaways customers a dedicated travel specialist who you will be introduced to once you book your Surf Getaway tour, in addition to $49 worth of travel benefits, free of charge to every Surf Getaways customer.

Flight Centre offers all Surf Getaways customers added value through its Captains Essentials and Value Pack for every destination(domestic and international) for all flights booked out of Australia. This represents up to $49 in value provided free of charge to every Surf Getaways customer.

The Captains Value packs that every Surf Getaways customer is entitled to include:

  1. Price Drop Guarantee on all flights booked. e.g if the price of your flight drops before you fly, Flight Centre will refund the difference.

  2. 24/7 world wide customer care

  3. Transferable deposit (in store only)

  4. Next business day refund

  5. Visa and passport check

  6. $100 Travel insurance excess rebate

For all the details and Terms and Conditions please visit the Flight Centre website here.

Does this make you want to plan your next surftrip? We’d love to see you on our Surf Getaways!


  1. 8 – 15 September (limited spots left)

  2. 28 November – 5 December

  1. 16 – 23 June (limited spots left)

  2. 21 – 28 July (limited spots left)

  3. 4 – 11 August (limited spots left)



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