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Surf Getaways women: Sally Bowers

Surf Getaways Women: Sally Bowers

Sally started monthly Surf Clinics with us in September at our Burleigh Heads location, in the Gold Coast. That was her first surfing experience and let us tell you, she’s been rocking it ever since! In the last couple of months not only her skills have improved, but also her confidence and motivation.

She’s answered a few questions for us so you can get to know a bit more about her and how surfing is changing her life.

Where are you from?

Palm Beach, Queensland

What do you do when you’re not in the water?

At work, I try to fix asbestos disposal issues for a government agency. At home, I spend time with my husband, our two teenage kids (when they’ll have me) and our two mini schnauzers.

How long have you been surfing?

I’m just about to finish a second 4-week course through Surf Getaways – so 8 weeks!

Why did you take up surfing?

I’ve wanted to try it for a while. Next year I turn 50 and I don’t want any regrets.

Apart from the joy of surfing the waves, what else has surfing given you?

The confidence to “go out the back” and fearlessly dangle my legs over the board. Motivation to regularly do stretching / strengthening exercises. The experience of learning to surf with a small bunch of women - so much fun! And the chance to share surfing with my husband and son.

What would you say to a woman of any age considering trying surfing for the first time?

Just do it! Our Surf Getaways Surf Coach, Hannah, has made each lesson fun and safe. She was in control, excited and encouraging us to improve at each lesson - extending us without pushing beyond our limits. It’s inspiring to learn from a young, passionate, female surfer. Hannah is clearly a capable and experienced surfer and instructor, and I couldn’t speak more highly of her.

If you're new to surfing, make sure you download our FREE beginners guide to surfing today!

Tell us about an empowering female in your life and how they influenced your life / career / surfing?

My Auntie Lib. She could hold her own at the dinner table, firm and clear in her opinion and quick to laugh. She could do the splits in her 40’s and raised two interesting, intelligent children.

Tell us a fun fact about you?

It’s a simple pleasure but I love succulents. Our raised garden bed is full of them, slowly crowding each other as they get bigger and grow pups.

Well, she’s convinced us that Surfing has only brought good things into her life. Are you ready to give it a try too? Join us in any of our locations across Australia, or if you’re of the adventurous kind our Surf tours around the world might be just what you need 😉


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