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Surf & cruise the Maldives in luxury

The Maldives has been part of our range of tours for a while, because it offers the perfect combination of relaxation, surf, beauty, and luxury. Although this time we have decided to give it a different approach to make it a unique experience to our guests by switching the in-land resort for a luxury yacht!

Yes, you read right, we will spend 10 days in a private yacht with only guests, your Surf Getaways Guide, a local Surf Guide and the crew. You will be provided all you need to have a unique holiday including all of life’s luxuries, surrounded by likeminded women and the most magical scenery.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are some things that will make you want to be there ASAP.

The place

The Maldives is an archipelago with more than 1000 tiny islands located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, most of them deserted. Located near the Equator it has a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging between 31 and 27 degrees Celsius almost all year round. With two distinct seasons based on the monsoon, (the dry and wet season) it offers plenty of sunshine and warmth throughout the year making it the perfect holiday destination.

The surf

Because of its unique location, The Maldives accepts different swell directions with best surf between February to November. Offering many different breaks across the islands, you can find a wave for every level. From beginners to experienced surfers, from mellow peeling waves to powerful overhead barrels. No matter where you are at in your surfing journey, whether you’re looking to learn to surf, taking your surfing skills to the next level or just cruise on comfortable waves, this is your trip.

And with two tour options available, one covering the central and northern atolls and the other cruising the southern atolls you can now take your pick!

The snorkeling

Whilst surfing is the most common attraction for visitors, The Maldives also offers crystal clear waters with an incredibly abundant sea life. You’ll find all sorts of coloured fish and turtles to swim with and beautiful corals to explore in these warm waters. It’s perfect for a break from the surf or for those that are looking for a relaxing holiday enjoying the sun.

The boat

We will be living aboard a luxury yacht, where we have made sure all your needs are covered and all the finer details are planned. All rooms, both twin and single, have air conditioning, high quality cotton bed linen, ensuite bathrooms with hot water and daily housekeeping. 3 gourmet meals will be served daily with a mixture of different cuisines, plus plenty of fruits and snacks available onboard. You will find plenty of space to lounge, sunbathe and relax in your favourite way.

The islands

Although we will spend most of the time out in the ocean, there will be options to visit island resorts and local towns, relax on pristine white sand beaches under coconut trees, enjoy a deserted island dinner and have time enjoying land based activities. With plenty of choices available, we’ll make sure everyone has the time of their lives during this unique experience.

If you’re ready for that holiday that you will remember for the rest of your life, book today as there are limited spaces. Secure your spot with only 10% deposit before they are all gone.


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