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My favourite surf warm up exercises – Part 2

How to prepare your body for a surf session

We all know that feeling of rocking up to the beach pumped for a surf and opting to get straight out there rather than doing a pre surf warm up. Instead of skipping a warm up all together, try some of my favourite exercises that will fire up your body ready to perform in no time at all.

The following set of exercises are types of dynamic stretches, which means that your body is continuously moving whilst stretching. This form of stretching has a number of advantages over other types of stretching (particularly static stretching), as it utilises motions similar to those that a surfer undertakes whilst surfing. This effectively simulates the performance experience which prepares you both physically and mentally for the surf session ahead. Dynamic stretching also improves the range of motion around your joints which not only increases your flexibility, but also reduces the chances of injury.

Our last surf warm up exercise post included the 1) Drop knee lunge, 2) Shoulder shrugs and 3) Spiderman with T-rotation exercises.

Here’s three more warm up exercises to do before hitting the surf:

4) Standing Rotations

improves rotational mobility of the spine. 8-10 reps each side.

  1. Stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart, your knees soft and your arms out to the side with slightly bent elbows.

  2. In a fluid motion, rotate from side to side.

  3. Keep your eyes and head turning with the rotation of the upper body.

  4. You can also perform this exercise in a squat position and vary the squat depth during the upper body rotations.

5) Hip circles

Targets hip mobility. 8 -10 repetitions each side.

  1. Lay flat on your back with your legs out straight on the ground and arms out to each side.

  2. Raise one knee towards your chest and begin single leg circles. Think of this movement as drawing circles through the flexion (bending) and extension (straightening) of your knee.

  3. Start with small circles and increase the range of motion as you progress.

  4. Repeat in the opposite direction and then change legs.

6) Warrior Lunge (Reverse Lunge)

Targets hip mobility as well as upper back and shoulder mobility. 8-10 reps each leg.

  1. Take your time and ease into the depth of these lunges as you progress.

  2. Keep your core switched on (braced) throughout.

  3. Stand with feet close together.

  4. Take a big step backwards.

  5. Sink down into the movement.

  6. Your front knee should be straight above your heel, or slightly behind, with the pressure through your heel and your back knee should be just up off the ground.

  7. The glute of your back leg should be tight with a light stretch through the front of your hip.

  8. Raise both hands above your head and reach high then to the side of the leg which is forward, rotate your torso and reach away from your body. Be careful not to hyper extend or over arch your lower back.

  9. Return to a forward facing position with hands still raised.

  10. To come forward into a standing position, push down through the front heel, drive forward through your hip/butt of the leg that is in front and lower your hands to your side.

  11. Repeat with the opposite leg.

And now, we’re ready to hit the surf, have fun!

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