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Meet the team: Hannah Lace

meet the team Hannah Lace

Don’t let Hannah’s young appearance fool you. She’s got a broad surfing experience, and her travelling background is admirable for a woman of her age. She’s recently joined the Surf Getaways team leading our Surf Clinics in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, and we’ve only got great things to say about her.

To enable you to all get to know her better we’ve asked her the hard questions and she’s told us some fun stories about her and also some great tips for those thinking about giving surfing a go.

Where are you from?

I was born in Port Macquarie NSW and moved to Ocean Grove in VIC when I was 4 years old. I left Victoria in March 2021 at 18 years old travelling in a van up the East coast until I arrived on the Gold Coast in July! Port Macquarie is definitely still my home at heart though.

What do you do when you are not in the water?

When I’m not in the water surfing I enjoy yoga and meditation which I try to fit into my life as much as I can. Since moving to the Gold Coast I have really discovered snorkelling and freediving - because the water is so warm up here you can enjoy it all year round!

How long have you been surfing?

I’ve been surfing since about the age of 10 years old, so approx. 8 years now. When I was younger I would only surf here and there in the Summer because it’s just too cold in Victoria during the Winter. In high school, I was on the girl’s surf team and had a teacher who really encouraged me to get some coaching and stick with the sport. From then on in I surfed nearly every day before and after school!

When / how / why did you become a surf coach?

It is a funny story actually of me being a stubborn young girl. I got a lot of coaching from a surf school in Victoria, and I loved it so much that every Saturday morning I begged my parents to take me down to the surf school to offer to help out setting up. I would take the flags down to the beach, hang around and then help pack up! Over the next year I kept asking if they needed any coaches, I asked what I needed to do for them to hire me and eventually I think the boss really just got sick of me so offered me the job. I started coaching about three years ago now and have loved every minute of it! I thought being a Surf Coach looked like the best job ever and it sure is!

Apart from the joy of surfing the waves, what else has surfing given you?

So much! Surfing has allowed me to meet lifelong friends, through surfing I have discovered an addictive passion for travel which has landed me in remote tropical islands such as Samoa. It has also allowed me to appreciate the power of the ocean and its beautiful environment. It has provided me with so many incredible opportunities such as working with Surf Getaways, as well as a great fit and healthy lifestyle!

What do you like the most about introducing to other women the world of surfing?

I love seeing the friendships that are formed through surfing. I believe the ocean is such a powerful environment and that it is truly magical to be able to ride waves. I love seeing females catch their first wave, when they finally feel that power of the wave. It's so special! I get more of a buzz coaching and watching people catch waves than I do catching my own waves sometimes!

What is the best piece of advice or the number #1 surf tip you give women when they are starting out?

Just have fun! Get out in the water with your friends and give it a red hot go! But definitely to keep your eyes up when you’re paddling, popping up and surfing along the wave.

If you're new to surfing, make sure you download our FREE beginners guide to surfing today!

Tell us about an empowering female in your life and how they influenced your life / career / surfing?

When I was in Samoa the only person I surfed with was Bethany Hamilton, we were the only families staying at the resort and our fale (cabins) were next to each other. Let me tell you when a woman with one arm calls you in on a 6 foot wave my God did I paddle. I saw the biggest set of the day roll through and I was in the perfect position but I was way too scared in my head I was just thinking “Please Bethany do not call me in on this one!” but you bet she did and It turned out to be the best wave of my life still to this day! Meeting Bethany Hamilton and surfing with her as a 15 year old really motivated me to stick with my surfing and it really drove me to improve.

Tell us a fun fact about you, something non-surfing related

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to Fiji twice, East Timor and Samoa before I had even completed high school.

If you want to surf with Hannah, join our community of amazing women, and get to know our great female coaches you can join our Surf Clinics in locations across Australia. Hope to see you in the water soon!


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