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Meet the locals: Lore, Mademoiselle of the sea

How good is it that the times where you had to choose between fashion or function in surfwear are over!

With the large numbers of talented female surfers in Byron, there’s plenty of great local women’s surf fashion around town: from bikinis that stay on in the surf, surf leggings to colourful wetsuits – that are finding the right balance between stylish and stays on in the surf.

Meet the locals:

We’d like to introduce you to some of our favourite local women’s surf brands.

Meet local surf brand: Lore, Mademoiselle of the Sea.

Lore’s founder and designer is local longboarder Laure Mayer, who after growing up in the South West of France, made Byron Bay her new home.

When it comes to skill and by measure of ‘the best surfer is the one with the biggest smile’, Laure is up there.

And seeing her grace in the surf it’s no surprise she grew up dancing Flamenco in the Basque country. The same style is visible in her surf suits designs – that are far from basic and ordinary, but not compromising on function.

A blend of French chic, feminine swimwear and practical surfwear, Lore of the Sea is dedicated to making the best surfwear, focusing on comfort, style and grace. Lore of the Sea features pieces for all women of discerning tastes with a focus on making unique designs that are only available in limited editions. Committed to design principles that make surfing a fun, hassle free and stylish experience, Lore of the Sea is dedicated to all the women seeking style, uniqueness and practicality while doing what they love.

Check out their website and socials to take a virtual surf trip to Byron Bay and Biarritz with their beautiful surf imagery and footage.

And take a look at this beautiful short clip by Keita Ikawa seeing Lore in action, testing her suits:

Images used in this blog are from the Lore website, photos of Laure by photographer Tim Samuel.


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