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Meet the locals: Atmosea

S u m m e r – is around the corner: time to get excited about what to wear in the surf now full wetsuit season is finished.

With the large numbers of talented female surfers in Byron, there’s plenty of great local women’s surf fashion around town: from bikinis that stay on in the surf, surf leggings to colourful wetsuits.

Meet the locals:

We’d like to introduce you to some of our favourite local women’s surf brands: starting off with Atmosea, who create the most colourful and funky wetties in the galaxy.

Meet local surf brand: ATMOSEA A celebration of the grace and vitality of female surfing, as a pass time, a culture and an expression of self with a special love for quality, design and functionality. The idea of a unique collection of wetsuits, that would be ideal for the female shape and form with inspiration from freedom and empowerment came to life and Atmosea was created.

Developed by Maria Nilsson; a Swede who moved across the world to Australia 10 years ago to devote her life to nature, the ocean, creative professions and most of all Surfing.

“Inspired by an influx of women surfers, Maria set out to create a female-specific collection of swim and surf wear that would stand out from the rest. Whilst it can be difficult to craft ‘actively worn’ garments for women, Atmosea’s collection nails the balance between functionality and design. Not only will you look like the coolest mermaid in the sea, you’ll be gliding along confidently know that what you’re wearing has been designed and created by females who understand what you need to get out of a wetsuit.”

Our friends at Atmosea have offered 20% off using special code ATMOSEA20 to get you ready for your spring and summer surfs and maybe even your Byron Surf Getaway.

Check out their website and socials to take a virtual surf trip to Byron with their beautiful surf imagery.


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