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“Cheer up, slow down, chill out” when surfing in Byron Bay

Our first Byron Ladies Surf Getaway

Byron Bay Welcome sign

Image source: Byron-Bay Blog

Over ten years ago we, Jenny & Serena, planted an idea, a dream to work together doing what we love and supporting girls and women in the ocean, in our ‘Ladies Surf Getaways’. And where better than in our backyard Byron Bay, perfect for all levels of surfing and where we know the local breaks like no other.

End October was our very first Ladies Byron Surf Getaway. Not just your average surf trip, but a women’s surf camp with all the bells, whistles and 5-star premium quality experiences. As promised, it was a fully packaged girls surf getaway that includes daily professional surf coaching and analysis by our own experienced coaches Jenny & Serena, all accommodation and meals in pure luxury at the Byron at Byron Resort & Spa, daily restorative yoga sessions, and a well-deserved massage.

The surfers (- to be)

The group consisted of a perfect mix of beginners and intermediate surfers. Everyone signed up individually and no one knew each other before the retreat. At the end they left as friends – having created beautiful friendship amongst each other, and with us! It was an amazing experience getting to know each other – all walking different paths of life and coming together through surfing. We shared waves, surf tips, laughs, life stories, and overcoming fears (well at least facing them)!

One of the ladies, Andi, had never surfed before. She made the life-changing decision that this year was her time to realize that dream – to learn to surf, and even took swimming lessons before the retreat so she would be confident in the water with us. Super proud to share time in the water with her, with the result that she is now hooked on surfing and already looking to continue surf coaching back home, in New Zealand!

The perfect Byron surf conditions

We were blessed with perfect fun clean waves at Byron’s main beach for the first two days and then beautiful Tallow Beach for the other two days. We had sunny weather the whole time and the different breaks provided us with a mix of lefts and right-hand waves.

All the ladies made heaps of progress with their surfing both physically and mentally. Their confidence grew each day. It was amazing to see how quickly they improved. They really enjoyed the video review/analysis of their surf coaching sessions and commented how beneficial visual reinforcement is when understanding what you need to work on to improve for surfing. We witnessed the ladies challenging themselves and setting personal achievable goals each day.

Their enthusiasm even rubbed off on bystanders: we ran into a lady at Tallows during our surf session, who told us she had seen our group at main beach during our Ladies Surf Getaways coaching and because our ladies were having such a great time and having a ball she decided to get a surf lesson and learn how to surf too. How awesome!

Our 5-star accommodation

The luxury Byron at Byron Resort & Spa offered us a place of tranquillity and bliss to come back to after our days of surfing. After a big day of paddling and walking, it was lovely to come back to relax by the pool and get looked after,

The food and drinks were amazing and locally sourced wherever possible. Each day a buffet breakfast was waiting for us, poolside lunches and lovely restaurant dinners.

The end – was just the beginning

At the end of the trip the ladies were already discussing future trips with us, and planning next get together’s with their new found surf mates! The ladies reflected on the trip as ‘the best thing I’ve ever done for myself”, a “life changing experience”.

And the girl who learned to surf with us? She has headed back home with a brand new wetsuit and seeking surf lessons to further her surfing.

Check out the rest of the event’s photos here in our Image Gallery.


Does this make you want to plan your next surftrip? We’d love to see you on our Surf Getaways!

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Our Ladies Surfing Getaways are designed for individuals or groups of like-minded ladies who are looking for that perfect surfing escape.

or get in touch to help you plan your Custom Getaway, available to any small group or family.

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We have teamed up with Byron Bay’s most respected and experienced tour and activity providers to enable you to explore and experience as much as you would like at the pace of your choosing. Surf Getaways can tailor make the ultimate Byron Bay holiday with any combination of activities to satisfy every traveller.

Whether you have little or no surfing experience, or you are a seasoned enthusiast, our personalised coaching programs, led by Jenny Boggis and Serena Adams, will significantly improve your surfing and your confidence in the water. Perfectly combining the finest accommodation with the ideal dose of surfing stoke and indulgent pleasures, our Ladies Surf Getaways will guarantee you the ultimate holiday memories to last a lifetime!


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