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All I want for Christmas… Last minute Christmas gift guide – for women who surf

Christmas is here, and even though we’ve all decided not to leave the Christmas shopping too late, here we are… with 2 days to go…

A woman who surfs really only wants one thing for Christmas: waves! Since that is, unfortunately, one of the few things money can’t buy (unless you could build her a wave pool), here’s a list of gift ideas that will make a surfing woman’s merry Christmas!

And even though you’re in a rush, try shop with a conscience: Buy local & sustainable gifts this Christmas and think before you buy about how the product you buy impacts the environment, how durable it is, who benefits from you buying it, and is it something they will actually enjoy! Because no matter how green and clean, useless gifts are still, well, useless!

Last minute gifting tip: buy a gift voucher, or purchase something online and print an image of the gift with a hand written note ‘Your gift is on it’s way’! Believe me, it better to wait than to get a new plastic pool toy from K-Mart…


  1. A new wetsuit, surf leggings, onesie or bikini – you can never have enough surf outfits to be prepared for all conditions! Especially ones that are made to stay on in the surf. Our personal favourite Byron local women’s surf brands are: Atmosea, Salt Gypsy and Lore of the Sea.

  2. Gift voucher for her favourite surfshop – Seabones Byron Bay has all things a surfer’s women heart desires.

  3. Nice beach towel or sarong.

Surfboard accessories

  1. Voucher towards a new custom board from your favourite shaper.

  2. A new surf board leash – like the ones from Smart Leash Co that are repairable and supply reusable parts to fix your broken leash!

  3. A surfboard maintenance pack with wax – like Treehugger all natural surf wax, resin to diy small dings and a wax comb (choose bamboo over plastic for the more environmentally friendly option!).


  1. Quality natural skin-coloured Zinc or foundation with zinc and high SPF – such as by Surf Mud.

  2. Good sunscreen from a good skin care brand that is waterproof – like We Are Feel Good Sunscreen.

  3. Face wipes (to get rid of the zinc after the surf!).

  4. Leave in hair conditioner.

Experience gifts

  1. A surf coaching session with a local surf coach.

  2. Deep tissue massage – like at the Byron at Byron Resort and Spa – where we host our Byron Ladies Surf Getaways.


  1. A framed image of your favourite local break by a local photographer or a 2018 calendar – like by our local legend Craig Parry Photography.

  2. Surf mag subscription – like women’s surf mag Curl.

A Surftrip!

And the best gift ever is of course: a SURFTRIP with Surf Getaways!!!

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