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8 reasons why women should surf


If you’re a female over 30 and you haven’t given surfing a go, you need to make sure you add it to your list. There are a multitude of reasons why surfing is great for women, and we’ve put together this list to help convince you to give it a go with us!

Improving your mental health

The ocean is considered to be medicine for many people, and spending time completely immersed in the ocean and catching waves can be very beneficial to improving your mental health. Surfing is an activity that you need to be present for and can act as a stress release, so allocating time during your day or week to commit to having your own time in the ocean is a must in today’s busy world. The moment you get into the water you automatically disconnect from the outside world and become present, leaving your “to do list” at the shoreline.

Getting outdoors

Taking a break away from technology, the connectedness of society and getting out into the outdoors should be something we do at least once a day – but sometimes life gets in the way. We can unknowingly be glued to our screens for hours at a time, that's why surfing is a great way to dedicate time out of your day to give yourself that break that we all very much need. Breathing in the fresh air, the ocean spraying onto your face and using muscles that you wouldn’t use in your day to day environment is fantastic for both your mental and physical wellbeing.

Gain strength and fitness

Surfing is a great way to improve your fitness whilst having fun at the same time. You will gain a lot of upper body strength from all the paddling and standing up. This is something that you will continue to improve the more you are in the water. You can also improve your cardiovascular fitness through surfing, as it can be a lot more taxing than people think.

Improve your flexibility

You don’t need to have a great amount of flexibility when you start surfing as it is something that will improve itself fairly quickly once you start. Added flexibility will be gained through your pre and post surf stretch routine, but also through the motions you go through when surfing. You’ll be surprised at the flexibility you obtain in your shoulders, back and hips which can assist you in your day to day life too.

Building a sense of community

There are loads of surfing communities all around the world suited for different ages and abilities. You can meet women at your local beach who will be more than happy to help you get into the sport, or you can meet women in your local area by joining the monthly surf clinics we do here at Surf Getaways. Joining a clinic through us allow you to meet new people who are all at the same stage of their surfing as you! Enabling you to connect and make friends in the ocean that you can also surf with outside your lessons.

Learning to understand the ocean

When you’re surfing you are surrounded by the ocean which is your pen and paper to learn about the ever changing environment. Through surfing, you’ll learn to read the ocean tides, the waves, the wind and its strength and direction which are all key parts of understanding the ocean. You’ll learn how to identify a rip and how to ensure your safety when you are in a rip. Having this knowledge is great to keep you and your family safe when you go down to any beach for a swim, surf or snorkel!

If you’re learning it’s always good to take a Surf Lesson or join a monthly clinic to help you stay safe in the beginning.

Sense of satisfaction

Learning a new skill always comes with a great sense of satisfaction when you finally accomplish what you have set out to do. That rush of adrenaline and excitement when you stand up on your first wave is the best feeling. It is a very rewarding experience that will leave you wanting more!

Trying something new and different

Sometimes in life, we may feel the need to introduce a new activity so that we feel refreshed and that we keep learning. Surfing is a great sport to participate in as it will challenge you to learn something new, put you outside of your comfort zone and will knock you around if you’re not paying attention. The ocean and its conditions are ever-changing therefore no two surfs are ever the same, ensuring you’re constantly learning and will never get bored!

So if you feel as though you need a new challenge or some excitement in your life, surfing is a great way for women to achieve this. Don’t delay - sign up for one of our Monthly Surf Clinics or even try your hand at one of our luxury learn to surf holidays across the world.


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