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8 great things to do in Vanuatu

When you’re not surfing with us on our amazing 7 night tour, Vanuatu offers an adventure playground with a variety of other activities to enjoy such as fishing, kayaking and snorkelling the spectacular coral reefs that the islands are famed for.

The active volcanoes and a vibrant diverse culture create a unique holiday experience. In addition, WWII has left a lasting legacy of shipwrecks that attract divers from all over the world.

1. Dive Million Dollar Point


Million Dollar Point, where hundreds of tonnes of US military equipment was dumped, now shows its coral-encrusted machinery to snorkellers and divers. At low tide, you'll find metal objects littering the beach for a kilometre in either direction. Enjoy the wonders, and the opportunity to explore more of this magical place.

2. Visit Mt Yasur


Peering down into the rumbling, exploding lava storm of Mt Yasur is a sight you won't forget. The active volcano is so accessible that 4WD vehicles can get to within 150m of the crater rim. There are many tours up to see the old man, and although you can walk up without a guide (around 45 minutes from the entrance), or join a vehicle going up, it's still best to go with a local guide.

3. Swim Mele Cascades


This popular and photogenic swimming spot is 10km from Port Vila. A series of clear aquamarine pools terrace up the hillside, culminating in an impressive 35m waterfall flowing into a natural plunge pool. A slippery path with guide ropes directs you to the top. There are toilets, change rooms and a cafe-bar with free Wi-Fi at the entrance. Go out by local minibus or take a guided tour.

4. Visit Champagne Beach


Champagne Beach is a pretty horseshoe of soft white sand and turquoise water that gets rave reviews and regular cruise-ship visitors. If you're driving then park your vehicle well back from the beach to avoid the extra charge. Watch out for the impromptu souvenir market that sets up when cruise ships are in.

5. The National Museum of Vanuatu


The soaring traditional building opposite the parliament is an excellent museum with a well-displayed collection of traditional artefacts such as tamtam (slit gongs or slit drums), outrigger canoes, ceremonial headdresses, shell jewellery and examples of Lapita and Wusi pottery. There’s an interesting photographic display on the unearthing of Chief Roi Mata's burial site. Guided tours include a traditional instrument demonstration and sand drawing.

6. Visit Port Resolution


This beautiful bay and anchorage boast’ magnificent cliffs and easy access to east Tanna's best beaches. The Ireupuow village has a basic shop, a market and a couple of simple restaurants. To the left, a road leads up to the local cliff-top ‘yacht club’ and to a marine sanctuary at Yewao Point where you can snorkel in the calm water just before the coral reef finishes. Another path culminates in a glorious white-sand beach and a top surf beach, with deep swells along 2.5km to Yankaren Para.

7. Shop at Vanuatu Handicraft Market


With more than 140 stalls packed with traditional handicrafts, T-shirts, surfwear, jewellery and duty-free, this giant shed is a one-stop souvenir shopping experience. Money exchange and ATM on-site, as well as cafes.

8. Post A Letter – Underwater

Vanuatu has the world’s only Underwater Post Office. It is situated within the Hideaway Island waters and is in approximately 3 metres of water. It is close enough to be able to swim out to, duck dive down and post a special waterproof postcard… ‘Wish you were here’

So if Vanuatu is on your bucket list, check out our amazing 7 night experience in a private retreat and add in some of the above to your list for pre, post or during.


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