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first Surf Champion Ambassador for Surf Getaways

Surf Getaways is extremely excited to launch its Surf Champion Ambassador Program, proudly announcing Pauline Menczer as our first Surf Champion Ambassador. 


Surf Getaways was founded by one of Australia’s most accomplished and accredited female surf coach, Serena Adams and Belinda Bradford an experienced commercial marketer and entrepreneur. 


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ABOUT PAULING MENCZER, Surf Champion Ambassador

Surf Getaways is extremely excited to launch its Surf Champion Ambassador Program, proudly announcing Pauline Menczer as our first Surf Champion Ambassador.

Our Surf Champion Ambassador program celebrates the incredible achievements of top female surfers like Pauline, giving them a platform from which they can be celebrated for their achievements.

As part of this program, our ambassadors will join one of our scheduled surfing tours to chat to our guests, passing on the wisdom they have gained from surfing.
They will be discussing topics like how they have dealt with the inevitable challenges of managing fear, plateauing skills, and challenging conditions. They’ll provide their inside tips on improving and yes, answer those compelling questions about competing and winning in an environment where women’s achievements were marginalized for decades.

Women’s Amateur World Champion in 1988 at just 18, Pauline went on to win the Women’s Pro World Championship in 1993 and in 2018 was inducted into Australia’s Surfing Hall of Fame. She is without doubt one of the great women surfers of all time, possessing a fierce competitive spirit, an undeniable sense of humor, an irreverent approach to living(which we love) combined with a genuine heart of gold. 

Pauline represents all the values we hold dear at Surf Getaways. Values like dedication and perseverance in the face of extraordinary obstacles. It’s not commonly known that she suffered from an extreme form of rheumatoid arthritis right through her competitive career and she went on to compete and win anyway.
She has also endured times of tough financial circumstances and family ructions, but she just never lost her generous spirit nor her sense of self and still continues to live her life with a positive attitude, sense of fun and an ongoing love of surfing that inspires us all at Surf Getaways.

Pauline will be a guest at the Surf Getaways Tour in Byron Bay scheduled for October 20-27, 2019.
Go to for more information and to book your spot and opportunity to meet Pauline.  Places are limited so book early.


"I'm so excited to be a part of Surf Getaways and their Surf Champion Ambassador program. It’s a fantastic concept, being able to use all the things I’ve learned from surfing in such a positive way. Using my experiences to help other women reach their full potential is something I’ve become increasingly passionate about and I couldn't be happier doing that with the Surf Getaways crew."


Surf Champion Ambassador, Surf Getaways

About Surf Getaways

Surf Getaways is a surf travel company dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to reach their full potential through surfing.

The Surf Getaways tours are designed for individuals or groups of like-minded women who are looking for their next adventure, with surfing at its center. 
Our guests have ranged in age from mid 30’s up to mid and late 60’s. We live by the mantra that you are never too old to get in the water.

Surf Getaways was founded by one of Australia’s most accomplished and accredited female surf coach Serena Adams and Belinda Bradford an experienced commercial marketer and entrepreneur. Together they developed a concept of introducing as many women as possible to the joys of travel and surfing. They wanted to develop a unique environment to teach and coach women to surf.

The tours they have developed focus on introducing women to surfing and the ocean for the first time as well as coaching advanced surfers towards achieving their next milestone. They also believed they could do this by combining their unique coaching program with  ‘bucket list’ surfing destinations that have previously been out of reach for anyone but the experienced surfer and traveler. 

Surf Getaways is the only surf travel and surf coaching company in the world that coaches beginners through to elite and competitive levels. Current Surf Getaways destinations include Vanuatu, Fiji, Bali, Byron Bay and the Maldives.


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